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Hockey Academy

Mid-South Ice House offers introductory and advanced hockey classes through its Hockey Academy.  The Learn-to-Play Hockey class is for kids ages 4 – 14, who have learned how to skate and want to play hockey (we also offer Learn-to-Skate classes through our Skate Academy).  Kids who haven’t played organized/league hockey would want to participate in at least one Learn-to-Play Hockey session before playing in our Youth Recreational Hockey League.  The Learn-to-Play Hockey class might also be appropriate for a child who has completed our Little Preds program, but wants some more ice time before playing youth league hockey.  Though we always work on skating skills, we also incorporate stick handling, passing, shooting, cone drills, etc.  The goal of Learn-to-Play Hockey is to introduce the basic fundamentals needed to start playing hockey on a recreational level.

The Advanced Hockey class is for league players ages 10 – 17, who desire additional instruction and ice time to improve their skating and skills.  It is also an excellent way for youth hockey players to continue skating/skills training during stretches where no league hockey is offered.

Hockey Academy sessions run eight weeks with classes on Tuesday evenings from 6:45 pm – 7:30 pm.

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Click the link for more information about our Hockey Staff.  If you have any questions please contact our Hockey Director, Isaac Lee at or 901-558-5134.
Hockey Academy Description of Classes and Requirements 

Learn-to-Play Hockey (Introduction to Hockey)

We incorporate the USA Hockey American Development Model (ADM), which includes stations, small area games and skills training, lots of reps, and lots of puck touches.

Learn-to-Play Hockey is structured to prepare participants for the next step—Youth Recreation League hockey.

Requirements: 1) Ages 4 – 14. 2) USA Hockey registration. 3) Participants must have basic skating skills such as those typically learned in our Skate Academy Basic Skills or Snowplow Sam classes. Skate Academy classes are not required but at a minimum, kids must be able to: 1) Skate across the ice, 2) Stop without using the boards, and 3) Get up off the ice into a standing position. We recommend that new participants can also: 4) Skate backwards, and 5) Perform left and right crossover turns. Parents who aren’t sure whether or not a child’s skating abilities are appropriate for Learn-to-Play Hockey should contact the Hockey Department to schedule an evaluation during a public skate or stick-and-puck session.

Required Equipment: Full-equipment is required (stick, caged helmet, mouthpiece, hockey pants, shin guards, elbow pads, shoulder pads, skates, and hockey gloves). We can provide skates, though our skates must stay on-site. ***Kids using their own skates is highly recommended.

Advanced Hockey

The Advanced Hockey class incorporates higher intensity skating and hockey skills. This class includes advanced stick handling, passing, shooting, and cone drills, and includes stronger competition. Participants will be exposed to 1×1’s, 2×1’s, 3×2’s, and more. Advanced Hockey is at a faster/higher pace than Learn-to-Play Hockey and includes tougher drills, all in accordance with USA Hockey’s ADM. There is also more focus and more time spent on positioning, game like situations, and team play. Advanced Hockey is for league players, who desire additional structured ice time to improve their skating and skills, and for graduating Learn-to-Play Hockey players during stretches where no league hockey is offered.

Requirements: 1) Ages 10 – 17. 2) USA Hockey registration. 3) Participants must: a) Have graduated from Learn-to-Play Hockey, or b) Play Rec. League or higher level.

Required Equipment: Full-equipment is required (stick, caged helmet, mouthpiece, hockey pants, shin guards, elbow pads, shoulder pads, skates, and hockey gloves).

***Early Bird Special:

Register by 12/19/23:
$145 – 8 classes total + 2 Stick & Puck passes

  • ​Sibling Discount*: $10 off each additional child after 1st child.

  • Second Class Discount*: $15 off if also registered for a Skate Academy class or playing in current Rec. League.

​​*  May register online or on-site to receive Sibling or Second class discount.

Register after 12/19/23:
$160 – 8 classes totals

2024 Session 1 Hockey Academy runs Jan 2nd to Feb 20th. Classes are at 6:45-7:30 on Tuesdays. 

2023 Hockey Academy Schedule

Session 1 2024:  1/2-2/20
Session 2 2024:  2/27-4/16
Session 3 2024:  4/23-6/11
Session 4 2024:  6/18-8/6
Session 5 2024:  8/13-10/1
Session 6 2024:  10/8-12/3