Adult Invitational Hockey

Adult Invitational Hockey consists of a 1.5 hour session where all participants are “invited”.  The “Organizer” can even earn credit toward upcoming league fees!  It’s pretty simple, the Organizer pays $25 to book the ice and then invites whoever he or she wants.  Participants pay at the ticket window before the session, just like a Stick-and-Puck or Drop-in.  The organizer has the option of charging the goalies or allowing goalies to play for free (only applies to goalies).  Once 20 players have paid, the Organizer receives $15 in league credit for every paying player over the initial 20 (i.e. with 25 paying players, the Organizer would receive $75 in league credit).

Adult Invitational Hockey

  • The Invitational Organizer books the ice by signing a contract and paying $25 to book the ice (non-refundable), a minimum of 14 days before the event.
  • The Organizer can be an individual or a team.
  • The Organizer must be currently involved in league hockey as a player or a parent.
  • Organizer determines whether or not to charge goalies, whether or not to schedule refs, etc.  Note: refs would be the organizer’s responsibility to schedule and pay.
  • MSIH collects $17.25 per participant at the door (if the Organizer is playing, he/she is a participant).  There are no coupons/passes allowed.
  • Once MSIH collects full-fee from 20 participants, the organizer will receive a $15 credit for each full-paying participant over 20, to go toward next session’s hockey fees .  For instance, if there are 25 full-paying participants, the organizer will receive $75 toward next session’s hockey fees ($15 * 5 full-paying participants over 20 is $75).  This is why organizers have the option to charge for goalies… if there were 23 full-paying participants and 2 free goalies, the organizer would only receive a $45 credit (3 full-paying participants over 20 is $45– there would be no credit for the free goalies).
  • Though MSIH staff will do ice checks, it is the organizer’s responsibility to make sure everybody pays.  It doesn’t matter how many participants are on the ice.  It only matters how many pay.  The Organizer may submit a list for ticket office personnel to check-off but inevitably, the money has to be COLLECTED for credits to be awarded.
  • Credits can be used by the Organizer to go toward league hockey (any age or level), Skate Academy, Hockey Training Camp, or anything that Mid-South Ice House operates/provides.*  (*Note: this doesn’t include Little Preds, Rising Stars Academy, or the pro shop, as we don’t own or operate those things.)
  • Credits for teams must be used toward team league fees.
  • We will notify the Organizer how much if any credit is earned (could be 1-2 weeks after session).
  • Ice will be available on most Wednesday nights (see Calendar).  Other days/times might also be available and are listed on the rink calendar as “Available Ice.”
  • We will try our best to identify available times on the Calendar.  If you have a question about a particular day/time, call the Front Desk at 901-881-8544 ext. 2, or email Office Manager.


  • Booking Fee:  $25 (non-refundable).
  • Participant:  $17.25 at the door (invitees only).



  • Ice availability for Adult Invitational Hockey sessions can be found on our Calendar. 
  • To book an Invitational session call the Front Desk at 901-881-8544 ext. 2, or email Office Manager.


  • Must receive an invite to participate.
  • Payment required prior to taking the ice.
  • Requires full-equipment.
  • 20 participants minimum…  Though there is no financial guarantee required from the Organizer, Mid-South Ice House reserves the right to refuse future bookings if an Organizer’s previous session(s) were not well attended.
  • Organizer must notify MSIH ahead of time, whether or not to charge the goalies.  Otherwise, we will default to charging the goalies.
  • $25 Booking Fee is non-refundable.