Private Lessons

Mid-South Ice House offers private lessons to skaters of all ages and abilities. Taking private lessons from one of our skilled professionals allows you to improve your skills at your own rate of learning, while preparing you to pass a new test level or compete, if that is your goal. Hockey and recreational skaters may also benefit from individual training to find and troubleshoot select skating problems throughout their career. Private lessons should be supplemental to, but should not replace, group skating lessons through the Learn-to-Skate program. Once a skater has completed the entire Learn-to-Skate curriculum, then they should switch solely to private lessons. Private lessons allow skaters to learn at their own speed, and helps skaters to progress more rapidly, when used in conjunction with practice time. A general rule of thumb is to practice three times for every lesson, for example: a skater taking a single ½ hour lesson each week should practice 1½ hours on their own time between lessons for maximum results. Private lessons can be taken on Public Sessions, Freestyle sessions, or Stick & Puck sessions for hockey players. Lessons will be scheduled directly with the coach. Rates vary depending on coach and length of lesson.

Setting Up Lessons

All instructors are independent contractors and set their own schedules. Lessons are booked, and payment is made directly to the individual coach, unless noted otherwise. Ice admission (freestyle or public) and skate rental is not included in the price of the private lesson and must be paid directly to the Mid-South Ice House. Private lessons require a 24-hour advance notice of cancellation, otherwise you may be charged for a lesson not attended. Ask your coach about individual policies and prices.

To schedule private lessons, you may contact the front desk (

Certified Coaching Staff

All coaches at the Mid-South Ice House have private liability insurance, hold membership with United States Figure Skating (USFS), and are compliant with all Continuing Education Requirements set forth by USFS. Coaches are also trained in SafeSport, a mission to create awareness about misconduct in sport, promote open dialogue, and provide training and resources.

Private Coaches

  • Carla Bressler:  $75/hr – 901-674-6878 |
  • Amber Campbell:  $80/hr – 901-832-2031 |
  • Brandon Conrad: $75/hr – 901-827-0140 |
  • Christen Conrad: $75/hr 901-351-5155 |
  • Kenya Glenn: $80/hr |
  • Gennady Kaskov:  $90/hr – 901-468-8392 |
  • Tiffany Lehmann: $80/hr – 901-603-8846 |
  • Christina Phipps:  $90/hr – 901-483-8020 |
  • Sydney Sawyer: $50/hr – 251-233-5714 |